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Coastal and Estuarine Hazardous Waste Site Reports

Icon for waste site information.

NOAA scientists have prepared review documents--the Coastal Hazardous Waste Site Reports--describing their evaluations of more than 300 hazardous waste sites that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed for addition to the National Priorities List (NPL) (sites on this list are commonly known as Superfund sites). These are uncontrolled sites that could threaten natural resources for which NOAA acts as a trustee.

Visit the following pages on our site:

For more information
EPA Superfund Web Site
NOAA's work is part of an effort led by the EPA to identify and clean up the most hazardous waste sites in the US. Here is more information about the Superfund program. [leaves OR&R site]
EPA Superfund Sites Where You Live
Here is an index to descriptions of Superfund sites prepared by the EPA. [leaves OR&R site]
ARD Waste Site Coordinator
Direct comments or questions about NOAA's Coastal Hazardous Waste Site Reports to our Waste Site Coordinator.
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Visit Adobe's site if you need assistance working with PDF files. [leaves OR&R site]
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