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About Coastal Brownfields

Brownsfields Factory
Brownfields Factory

Brownfields are properties where the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of contamination. Many of our nationís coastal communities bear the scars of past economic booms as former industrial sites along ports, harbors and other coastal areas now lay abandoned. Local communities surrounding brownfields sites often see higher unemployment rates, lower property values and an increase in health problems. Furthermore, these abandoned properties can force new development to the fringe of existing urban areas, often resulting in urban sprawl and degradation of natural resources (e.g. reduced air and water quality).

Although redeveloping these brownfields could economically and visually revitalize numerous urban waterfronts, many coastal communities lack the tools and resources, and developers have few incentives to invest in these blighted areas. NOAA, on the other hand, see their redevelopment as a unique opportunity to revitalize coastal areas using existing infrastructure and transportation modes, while preserving valuable green space and restoring natural resources. Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment can improve public access to the waterfront, protect and restore coastal habitat, and revitalize waterfronts.


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