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Coastal Brownfields Home

The NOAA Coastal Brownfields Web site explains NOAA's involvement in coastal brownfields and provides detailed information about specific activities that are currently underway within NOAA. Brownfields are properties where the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence of contamination. NOAA works closely with the Environmental Protection Agency and our federal partners to support community-based brownfields cleanup and redevelopment across the country.

Glen Cove
Glen Cove

About Coastal Brownfields

NOAA's Role in Coastal Brownfields

How NOAA is Involved:

  • Portfields - focuses on the redevelopment of brownfields in port and harbor areas, with emphasis on development of environmentally sound port facilities.
  • Showcase Communities - NOAA has provided technical and financial support to Showcase communities to address a variety of environmental issues.
  • Tools and Services - NOAA provides many tools and services to assist coastal communities assess and cleanup brownfields, and protect and restore coastal resources.

Web Site Update

NOAA's Brownfields web site has migrated to a new home -
NOAA's Office of Response and Restoration web site.

Although you will notice a different look, and the navigation has changed somewhat, all of the same content may still be found here.

For more information
  • David Holst NOAA/National Ocean Service
    Office of Response and Restoration
    (301)713-2989 x161
  • Kenneth Walker NOAA/National Ocean Service
    Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
    (301)713-3155 x157

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