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Major Oil Spills

A gallery featuring photos of some of the world's largest oil spills, along with a little information about each of those spills.

Click on an image below to see the full image.

Ship sinking in water

Amoco Cadiz
Amoco Cadiz; France

Ship sinking in water

Argo Merchant
Argo Merchant; Massachusetts, USA

Bow of ship vertical in water

Argo Merchant in pieces
Argo Merchant; Massachusetts, USA

Heavily damaged ship

Bouchard B155
Barge Bouchard B155, freighter Balsa 37, and barge Ocean 255; Florida, USA

Sip on fire with plumes of black smoke

Burmah Agate
Burmah Agate; Gulf of Mexico, USA

Docked ship on fire with plumes of black smoke rising

Cibro Savannah
Cibro Savannah; New Jersey, USA

Two ships side by side

Exxon Valdez
Exxon Valdez; Alaska, USA

Pooled oil on water around well site

Ixtoc I
Ixtoc I; Mexico

Orange fire and black smoke eclipse all features and reflect off thewater

Jupiter; Michigan, USA

Ship partially on fire with smaller boat spraying water

Mega Borg
Mega Borg; Texas, USA

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